Fiberglass Sheeting

We sell Ampelite fiberglass products, our range includes domestic fiberglass roofing products and Solasafe polycarbonate products.Fiberglass Sheeting

Range available:

Domestic Grade Fiberglass Sheeting

Made for Australian conditions, blocks 99% of UV rays, cost-effective and easy to install.

Classic Corrugated profile (Corri-glas) - 1200gms or 1800gms
5 Rib profile (Trim-glas) - 1200gms or 1800gms

Product Grades:
- Series 1200 (1.2kg per m2) recommended for domestic use.
- Series 1800 (1.8kg per m2) recommended for heavy-duty use.

Sheet lengths:
1.800m 2.100m 2.400m 2.700m 3.000m 3.300m 3.600m 3.900m 4.200m 4.500m 4.800m 5.100m 5.700m 6.000m

Solasafe Polycarbonate Sheeting

Solasafe is an advanced plastic polymer with superior weathering, sun-protection, heat-transmission and light-transmission properties. It also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Solasafe is available in a range of colours and tints. It has a warranty guarantee against yellowing and hail damage. It is stable at temperatures of -40°C to +110°C and will not distort.

Classic Corrugated profile
Greca profile
5 Rib profile (recommended for minimal roof pitches)

Sheet lengths:
1.800m 2.100m 2.400m 2.700m 3.000m 3.600m 4.200m 4.800m 5.400m 6.000m 8.100m


Specialized Ampelite dome-seal screws, End-closure strips, Anti-noise tape, Ridge capping, Back channel.