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Gippsland Treated Pine

Gippsland Treated Pine is a family owned business run and operated by locals.

The Heywood family has long been a part of local business with a sand quarry at Maryvale near Traralgon, Maryvale Sand & Trading Supplies, being owned by the family. The move into timber came in 1992 when Bruce and his daughter Valerie ventured into timber production and eventually built Gippsland Treated Pine into what it is today.

The move into timber started with the production of round posts. Posts were first produced off land Bruce owned at Rosedale and trees he had planted over a twenty year period from the 1960's.

They started selling these posts to a treated pine business in Morwell, Talbots' Treated Timber. Whilst supplying Talbots’ the business came up for sale in 1993. The business was purchased and the name changed to Gippsland Treated Pine Pty Ltd.

At the time of purchase the business consisted of one treatment plant at Morwell situated on 2 acres and a small retail yard in Bairnsdale. The business then employed 2 people (It is now close to 30 over three businesses). Over the years the family would purchase more land in Morwell and Bairnsdale and continues to expand today.

The family business further branched out when another timber business in Koo Wee Rup, Ponderosa Timber & Hardware, was taken over from the Dwyer family. Val's brother Jeff changed his direction from the quarry business to take over Ponderosa and enabled the family group of businesses to expand further.

The company made the decision to increase its treatment capacity and offer a new type of preservative to keep up with market conditions. In April 2005 Gippsland Treated Pine opened a new state-of-the-art, fully automated dual treatment facility at Morwell. The new plant is capable of treating timber with CCA or ACQ preservative which is a non-arsenic based preservative.

The new plant is capable of treating 28m3 of timber in under an hour and enables customers to be served promptly and efficiently. Gippsland Treated Pine decided to offer an alternative to the traditional CCA preservative due to changing guidelines for sensitive areas such as children's playgrounds.

Gippsland Treated Pine has adapted its stores to suit the local market. In 2015 a brand new store was opened in Bairnsdale to replace the current store which had been out-grown. The new store has a drive through timber and hardware yard as well as an expanded range of hardware including brands such as Makita, Philmac, Macsim and many more.

The Morwell store is also being redeveloped and will feature a large drive-through area and expanded hardware range, with a focus to be on serving the rural timber and hardware needs of the area. Due to be completed in mid-2017 the new store will be right next door to the current premises.

During 2016, in order to service a wider range of customers a new location was purchased West of Melbourne at Beaufort, Victoria. This store will be selling to the retail, trade and wholesale markets offering mainly posts and timber with more as time goes by.

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