G-T-Post & Rail Fencing

G-T-Post and Rail Fencing allows you to have full control over how your fence will look.

Options include:

All posts and rails come pre-morticed ready for assembly.

Below are the options available which can be mixed & matched to suit your needs:


 ♦ = Available



SIZE in mm



125 x 125mm

150 x 150mm

200 x 200mm

150 x 100mm


200 x 100mm


SIZE in mm



150 x 38mm

200 x 38mm


150 x 50mm

200 x 50mm

G-T-Post and Rail fencing is custom made by Gippsland Treated Pine using quality timber. We only use premium rough sawn timber; not sleeper grade. Of course you can choose to paint or stain your fence after installation to keep it looking great.

To get a quote for a post and rail fence its best to draw up a rough sketch including measurements for the length of the fence, also drawing in any gateways or spaces in the fence. Our sales team can then help you to work out quantities to help you achieve the look you want.

Completed Fences