Insulation Products

We sell a range of insulation products to suit all your needs.

R1.5 - Standard Batt for insulating walls.
R2.0 - For optimum wall insulation.
R2.5 - Optimum insulation with acoustic properties.
R2.7 - SonoBatts used for optimum acoustic applications.

R2.0 - Minimum Batt for new ceilings.
R2.5 - For less moderate climates.
R3.3 - Standard Batt for ceilings.
R3.5 - Standard Batt in ceilings +.
R4.0 - Ideal for 5 star requirements.
R5.0 - Provides the most insulation.

Styrene Insulboard

Panels 2400 x 120 x 15mm

Insulboard Fasteners