Cement Sheeting

Cement Sheeting

We supply cement sheet products for a range of uses. From specially designed external cladding products to tile underlay sheets.

Range available:


Designed to look like timber weatherboards. Has the advantage of high resistance to weather, insect attack and decay.

Available in woodgrain or smooth.

Sizes available:
19mm x 4.2m


Primaflex is a multi-purpose board and is suitable for ceiling and eaves lining, partitions, gable end, external wall cladding, paneling and other building applications.

Sheets are 4.5mm thick.

Sizes available:
1.800mm x .900, 1.200mm
2.400mm x .450, .600, .900, 1.200mm
2.700mm x .900mm
3.000mm x .900, 1.200mm


Primabase flat sheets provide a suitable substrate for textured coating systems. Primabase can be used as wall cladding for new homes, extensions, second storey additions, re-cladding older homes and lightweight construction. Primabase can also be applied as an economical and easy-to-install bracing for timber and steel wall frames.

Sheets are 7.5mm thick.

Sizes available:
2.400 x 1.200mm
2.725 x 1.200mm


Prima-aqua is a pink board with a pre-primed surface to ensure minimal water and moisture absorption on the exposed surface. Prima-aqua surface can be tiled or finished with top coats and wall paper.

Sheets are 6.0mm thick.

Sizes available:
1.800 x 1.200mm
2.400 x 1.200mm
2.700 x 1.200mm

Tile Underlay Ceramic

Sheets are 6mm thick

Sizes available:
1.800 x .900mm

Compressed Sheet

Sheets are 18mm thick

Sizes available:
1.800 x .900, 1.200mm
2.400 x .900, 1.200mm

Cement Sheet Accessories

Divisional Mould, Plastic Profile External Edges, Primaplank Joiners.