Brush Panel Fencing

Brush Panel Fencing and Strawboard are interesting products which have many uses around the home and garden.Brush Panel Fencing

The quality brush panels have many applications and can be used for fencing, screens, acoustic barriers and interior roofing to name a few. You can see more here.

The quality Australian made panels will last from 20 to 30 years when installed correctly and are a cost effective and simple product to use.

The brush panels have many applications including:
- Used to create many styles and unique looks for fencing
- To blend in with natural bush surroundings in gardens or fencing
- Used as a cheaper alternative to brick fencing
- A screen or windbreak around your pool or BBQ area
- To hide unsightly areas around your home
- Strawboard Acoustic Interior ceilings

Standard sizes of brush panels available are 1800 or 1500 high and can be made to any width. Panels can also be cut horizontaly in half if needed.

An 1800 x 1800mm x 50mm panel usually weighs around 65kg. Panels can be sucessfully butt joined to form one panel.