Cypress Pine is often used  in flooring, strutural timbers and panelling. It is a hard, oily, heavy and fairly strong timber and shows great character over time and when ploished. It has a natural resistance to insect attack.

Sizes and varieties available:

Rough Sawn Cypress

125 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 125 x 125mm, 150 x 150mm, 200 x 200mm, 250 x 250mm, 150 x 50mm

Premium Grade Posts

90 x 90mm, 115 x 115mm

Laminated Posts

90 x 90mm

Decking Boards

Please see Decking for sizes

G-T-Post and Rail Fencing

Cypress has been a popular choice for our Post & Rail Fencing. When stained it really comes to life with tonnes of natural character. Please click here to see sizes available for post and rail fencing.