Weatherboards and Cladding/ Weathertex

We have a range of products suitable for cladding and building.

Baltic Pine Weatherboards

Original Pine weatherboards for use on the outside of buildings such as houses.

Square or Round Edged, Primed or Un-Primed.

Sizes available: 175mm - Up to 6m lengths

Weathertex Products

Weathertex Weatherboards and Architectural Panels are a unique 100% Australian made and owned product. They are cost effective and easy to install. The panel varieties can actually save you money by cutting installation time and all products are pre-primed to save painting preparation.

Boards and panels are made from hardwood chips that are processed and pressed into a plank or flat panel. Due to this they are free from any knots or imperfections and are much less likely to crack during installation or later on in life which ordinary weatherboards can be prone to. They are easier to paint as well and are more aesthetically uniform than other types of cladding.

They are made from 100% Australian hardwood chips that are fed through a mason gun, steamed, crushed, pressed and repressed before being combined with 3% natural wax into the plank or panel ready for purchase.

Another great thing about Weathertex is that they already have a negative carbon footprint, use no chemical additives in their products and are environmentaly sustainable.

They come in many styles and finishes and look great on their own or combined with other cladding options. Check out their website or ask us more about their range in store.

Sizes & Styles available:


Classic Range -
(Smooth, Classic Ruff-X, Classic Ruff-Sawn, Rusticated Smooth, Rusticated Ruff-Sawn and Wall Shingles)
200mm to 300mm wide, all 3660mm length

Selflok Range -
(Millwood Smooth, Millwood Ruff-Sawn and Old Colonial Smooth)
300mm wide, all 3660 length

Primelok Range -
(Classic Smooth, Classic Ruff-Sawn, Classic Woodsman, Braidwood Smooth, Braidwood Ruff-Sawn, Federation Smooth, Federation Ruff-Sawn and Shadowood Smooth)
170mm - 200mm wide, all 3660 length

Architectural Panels

Weathergroove Panels -
(Smooth, Ruff-Sawn and Woodsman)
3660 x 1196mm       2745 x 1196mm
3050 x 1196mm       2440 x 1196mm
9.5mm Thick


Exteriorboard Panels -
(Smooth and Woodsman* finishes)
3660 x 1220mm       1830 x 1220mm
2745 x 1220mm       1220 x 1220mm
2440 x 1220mm        915  x 1220mm
*woodsman 3660 only
9.5mm Thick

Impactboard -
(Smooth finish)
3660 x 1196mm    2745 x 1196mm

We also have a range of accessories especially made for Weathertex products such as specialised joining systems, corners, flashing, starter strips as well as nails for use with Weathertex.


We offer various alternatives for cladding materials for use as interior or exterior wall cladding.

Treated Pine Cladding-

Sizes availble: 140 x 19mm CCA H3 treated up to 6m lengths

Shadowclad Panels -

Sizes available: 12mm x 1220mm x 2440 or 2745 or 3050 Primed or Un-Primed

Strawboard Panels -

Sizes available: 2000 x 1800mm, 1800 x 1800mm, 2000 x 1500mm, 1800 x 1500mm

For use inside on ceiling to reduce noise or for decorative purposes.